What You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing

What You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing

2,7 billion is the number of Facebook users. Unbelievable isn’t it?

It’s now the most popular social network and using this platform for marketing purposes can be a real customer magnet. Facebook marketing is nowadays a must-have for your digital marketing strategy.

So if you’re wondering what Facebook marketing is, you’re in the right place because this blog will tell you all you need to know about it and will answer all the questions related to it that you have in mind.

But before digging into the details surrounding Facebook marketing, let’s first have a glance at the development of Facebook’s uses.

Facebook Before Vs. Now

After its launch in 2004, Facebook served as a social network that facilitates contact and communication between families, friends and relatives.

Facebook marketing wasn’t really a thing back then. Over time, the use of Facebook marketing has become more common and the number of businesses on this network has also increased.

Facebook Marketing, what is it?

Facebook marketing refers to the use of this platform to build a bridge of connection with the company’s audience and customers and to attract prospects.

Facebook’s use in the marketing field can be split up into two ways:

   – Free Facebook marketing : when a company benefits from its presence through the Facebook page they create. It can be used to share relevant information about the business they are conducting and to share regular content that is likely to attract followers.

    – Paid marketing on Facebook : brings together various features that will not only boost your general visibility on the social network, but also steer traffic to your website and foster your sales conversions. It offers the possibility of creating an advertising campaignthat fits your marketing strategy. This category is the one that offers the most relevant features for a business.

This solution is an answer to all your needs. It’s flexible so you can adapt it to your budget and targets while keeping a close eye on the performance of each post.

Today, Facebook has really become a venue for businesses that see this platform as an opportunity to fuel their business growth.

Making it a part of your marketing strategy is a sure bet to reach your targets considering the number of its active users.

Statistically speaking, Facebook is the most used social network in the world with 2.7 billion users. In Canada, there are more than 25.19 million Facebook users. This number is projected to grow to 26.75 million in 2025. ( according to Statista ).

Now if you’re curious about the free Facebook marketing and you’re interested in creating a Facebook page and making the most of it, I invite you to check our article about How to setup Facebook Business Page Like a Pro

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