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Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns in MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, Hubspot and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing that breaks through the inbox!

Allodev agency builds and manages branded email blasts to your prospects and clients. Trying to clutter-bust your client’s and prospect’s email inbox takes great content, catchy headlines and enticing graphics.

At Allodev, we’re experts at creating HTML-based emails with subject lines that convert. We are email marketing consultants and pride ourselves on the metrics that prove our worth.

A-plus players, for SMBs

Email Marketing is an Essential Part of Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re promoting an offer or simply reminding clients of your brand, we can help you create an effective email marketing and marketing automation strategies that will integrate with your website and brand.

Speed up the sales process

As one of the best way to communicate with your clients, e-mail marketing is mostly used as a tool for speeding up the sales process, be it through distributing promotions, giving more information about your product or service, creating urgency and more.

Earn more from every lead

Even though it is an excellent client acquisition tool, e-mail marketing works even better for retention and creating recurring revenue. Using it can increase your retention rates by up to 80%, according to the latest online marketing data, which means effortless, no-investment earnings for your business.

Increase engagement

We increase prospects engagement with your brand. While our approach to every part of digital marketing is revenue-centered, we do appreciate the long term benefits of good business to client communication.

E-mail marketing is an excellent channel for you to provide value to your clients for free, which makes them trust you more, take interest in your brand and even act as positive brand ambassadors.

Get feedback

Get direct and indirect feedback about your marketing efforts. The extremely sophisticated analytic tools that are incorporated in all e-mail marketing platforms allow you to notice trends and patterns, and allow you to see what makes people tick.

This information you can usually use to enhance the rest of your online marketing. It goes without saying that these tools also let us continuously optimize your campaigns for best results.

Work with the best!

Keep your fans and customers engaged with email campaigns that work

With higher open rates, more click-throughs, and engaged subscribers.