5 Tips to Outsmart Instagram Algorithm

5 Tips to Outsmart Instagram Algorithm

You think of beating the Instagram Algorithm ?

You are in the right place! As you know, Instagram is now one of the best platforms for companies and entrepreneurs to attend their Marketing goals! Not only in Morocco but in the whole world!

As any other type of marketing, the social media marketing also needs to be planned and well thought about. Here are 5 tips to outsmart Instagram Algorithm:

1- Posting consistently

When you post consistently good content, you will not only improve your engagement, but it is a signal to the Instagram algorithm that you are a quality account!

And the more frequently and consistently you post, the more likely your audience will see and like, comment and share your content.

2- Using the reel and the story format as much possible

For your marketing on Instagram, you have at your disposal several content formats: photos, videos, lives, stories, and reels that was added with the last update.

With 4.8 million daily users in Morocco , the stories and the reels format are ones of the formats that gives you the most visibility because they are more lovely to Instagram algorithm. so consider incorporating them into your communication strategy on Instagram.

3- Pay attention to your photos and videos quality

If you’re already creating eye-popping content, you’re ahead of the curve. And if not, you may want to think about producing some professional visuals from time to time.

Even if you’re in a seemingly “boring” industry, high-quality photos are an expectation rather than an exception to the rule.

For your visual posts, consider photography techniques to enhance the impact of your posts. In particular the rule of thirds to make your photos more effective.

The Rule of Thirds is the process of dividing an image into thirds, using two horizontal and two vertical lines. This imaginary grid yields nine parts with four intersection points.

When you position the most important elements of your image at these intersection points, you produce a much more natural image.

4- Captions and add Hashtags

They help growing your social media presence as they make your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in the hashtag you are using as it goes beyond just your followers.

Hashtags can help you build a brand for your business by engaging with customers. If you participate in high-traffic conversation by discovering the biggest trending topics, you are more likely to gain great visibility to your business.

The more visibility you get,  the more likely you can create a larger audience and a larger audience exponentially increases the likelihood of fresh leads for your business.

5- Track & Analyze Your Growth

One of the best ways to rock it on Instagram is to take the time to well know your audience.

You can analyze the content your audience finds helpful, and the types of posts they like. In other terms, what is functional and what is not.

Additionally, you can even survey your target audience to discover why they love your brand. All of these are essential strategies needed to succeed on Instagram.

Data is king, and when you analyze your audience’s feedback and data, you can use the insights to succeed on Instagram.

Instagram is no longer just a social media to share pics on as it was before, today it is an opportunity to all business owners to reach the people they need to reach, to get the feedback from their target and also to benchmark the concurrency in the market.

And as every field, handing your Instagram strategy to an expert is not a cost to add at all but rather an investment that can make you go from a small shop on the corner to one of the most known brands on the Instagram. 

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